ONGUARD Ultimate Wood Protection System

Environmentally friendly waterborne wood restoration and protection products. Old wood can be cleaned and treated while new wood can be treated with an easy one step / one coat process to keep your fence, deck, dock, log home, wooden siding or other exposed wood looking and functioning at a superior level for up to 7 years.




Environmentally friendly piling restoration system.



Environmentally friendly barrier system for the protection of new marine pilings, utility poles, Cross arms, fence posts and more.  

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Excalibur Industrial Wood Defense System   

The Excalibur Wood Defense™ system is the most environmentally sensitive industrial wood inventory management and enhancement program on the market. This proprietary system was designed for industrial wood products including but not limited to railroad crossties, bridge timbers, access mats, pallets, logs and other items by incorporating novel application and management techniques combined with protection products and systems.  This advanced management / enhancement program provides protection from elements that degrade the product during air-seasoning, inventory build-ups, and in-service applications. The Excalibur Wood Defense™ system is tailored to fit the specific needs of the producer/end-user and increases profits through life cycle maximization.

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Integrated Vegetation Management  

WoodAg Resource provides an extensive line of IVM products for right of ways applications such as railroad, pipeline, and utility.